Saturday, December 1, 2012

Radio killed the video star

After declaring war on our medium in 1981, MTV has apparently changed their mind and surrendered. MTVu asked us to create this College Radio Countdown. We're pretty proud of the introductory video. We also had some guest posts on their tumblr in the last week that are really great videos. Check after the jump for the artists and song names. WARNING: This video might contain advertising. In accordance with WESU's anti-commercial policy, we urge you not to spend your money on anything advertised in these videos. Give it to us instead!

10. Outkast – Roses
9. Janelle Monae – Tightrope
8. Chairlift – Met Before
7. Grimes – Genesis
6. Santigold – Lights Out
5. Beach House – Used To Be
4. Das Racist – Rainbow in the Dark
3. D’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel)
2. Dan Deacon – WoofWoof
1. Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Live)

Here's MTVu's post.

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