Friday, February 1, 2013

Vote for WESU as Best College Radio Station!

WESU and Rob DeRosa, host of our local music show, Homegrown, have been nominated in the 2013 Hartford Advocate Reader Poll!

Please support us by voting for WESU in the "College Radio" categories and for Robbie DeRosa as "Best Radio Personality". You can cast additional ballots for WESU and Robbie DeRosa's "Homegrown" in the "Media and Education" category under the "Radio station" and "Radio Show" categories.  The Needle Drop is also listed in the "Radio Show" category. Online ballots must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on February 13th

While you are at it, you can also vote for Wesleyan in "local 4 year University"  and for The Green Street Arts Center in the "Arts Center" category. Then, there's Middletown's Art Farm in "Local Arts Organization" and Wesleyan CFA in the "College/University Performing" and "College Performing Arts Center" categories. Oddfellows Playhouse is listed in the "Community Theater Co." category and you can write in The Buttonwood Tree in the "Concert Venue".  Don't forget Red Scroll Records in the "Indie CD/Vinyl Store"  category under "Books, Cds, DVDs". That's more than 10 suggestions for the 10 required categories one is required to vote in to submit a ballot.

Please spread the word and help WESU get the recognition we deserves as "The Best College/Community Radio Station" in the Hartford Advocate Readers Poll!

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