Monday, January 9, 2012

WESU receives transmitter donation

Thanks to the folks at 99.9 FM WEZN  in Bridgeport, Connecticut, WESU will soon broadcast from a new 10,000 watt transmitter! WEZN upgraded their main transmitter and donated their old back up transmitter to WESU. Considering this transmitter was only used while servicing their main unit, it has been used minimally, in contrast to WESU's current transmitter which has run for nearly 24 hrs/day for nearly 3 decades!  WESU's "new" Harris FM 10K Transmitter is essentially the big brother to the Harris FM 3.5 K transmitter that has faithfully served WESU since 1988. 

While this doesn't mean that WESU will be pumping out more power, it will save us money and maintenance since we have been pushing the limits of our current transmitter to fulfill our FCC license to operate at 6,000 watts. Since our upgrade WESU has been "burning through transmitter tubes" according to Ben Michael General Manager. "The new FM10k transmitter will not even break a sweat pumping out the power needed to fulfill our license and will save us thousands of dollars in annual operating costs".  Michael goes on to say "We had just begun the process of pricing the cost of purchasing a new transmitter so this donation is timely and will save tens of thousands of dollars we would have had to borrow." 

The new transmitter has already been moved to the WESU transmitter site and will be hooked up in the near future. 

Special thanks to our friend and Engineer, Paul Litwinovich for making this dream come true. 

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