Thursday, April 21, 2011

WESU Voted 2nd Best College Radio Station in Hartford Advocate Reader's Poll

Thanks to all of our listeners who voted for WESU in The Hartford Advocate's Reader's Poll. After 5 years waiting in the wings in the #3 position, WESU has advanced to the #2 spot in this annual poll!

Surely this sign of success is in part the result of our recent power upgrade that has enabled us to reach more listeners. We also suspect our increase popularity has something to do with the amazing service we provide listeners.

By day, WESU offers listeners the most diverse news and public affairs line up in the state featuring NPR, Pacifica, Al Jazeera, BBC, and local and independent media outlets. Week nights and weekends WESU features free form music programming that serves listeners who are underrepresented by the rest of the media spectrum.

Big-up to WHUS 91.7 (#1) and WWUH 91.3 (#3) for their standings in the poll as well. It's good to know WESU is in good company!

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