Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feel the Power of 6,000 Watts!

After 3 long years of engineering, implementing structural and electrical upgrades, and navigating the FCC, WESU 88.1FM is now broadcasting at our newly assigned power of 6,000 watts of Effective Radiated Power!

This is a major milestone for WESU since we have been broadcasting at a power of 1,500 watts for the past 3 decades. This "once in a generation" power upgrade makes our radio signal available to twice as many listeners in CT and MA for a potential listening audience of close to 1 million.

Let us know if you have noticed a change in our signal strength in your neck of the woods by emailing This feedback will help us build an accurate map of who's now receiving our terrestrial FM signal. Please help us spread the word by alerting your friends and family who might not have been able to receive our signal in the past.

This was a big undertaking and it is a great relief to finally be up and running more powerful than ever after 3 years of hard work. Many thanks to the administration and staff of Wesleyan University for their support and assistance, Mark Masselli and The Community Health Center for purchasing and donating our new antenna, George Lombardi, Paul Litwinovich, and Tony Page at WSHU Public Radio for their invaluable support and supervision, Allan Moskowitz our FCC legal counsel, Laura Mizrahi at Communications Technologies inc for her expert consulting, and Aaron Read - GM at WEOS in Geneva, NY for suggesting we look into the possibility of this upgrade 4 years ago, and of course all of our wonderful volunteer staff, listeners, and supporters who lent us a helping hand along the way.

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